Project Management

Generally customers prefer to manage their own projects but under today’s economical constraints there is quite often not enough manpower in house to handle the work load. Therefore we have personnel on staff that can either supplement your project management team or run a project on your behalf.

Engineering Support

For companies that are either totally mechanically biased or lack the resources required to put together a technically sound process DACS can fulfill your needs. Our systems will be both economical to develop and build, comply with all of the end users specifications and meet or exceed their performance requirements. We can work with your engineering teams to:

  • Develop System Concepts & Participate in Simultaneous Engineering Activities
  • Design System Overall Architecture
  • Assist with Proposal Development and Cost Estimating
  • Create Project Bid Packages for Subcontract Procurement
  • Generate Project Key Milestone Schedules
  • System Hardware Design
  • Standard Bill of Material (BOM) Development
  • Pneumatic & Fluid Power System Design
  • System Software Design
  • Supervise outside supplier Panel Build, Provide Quality Control & Expediting Services
  • Installation Supervision at the Customers Vendors and/or End Users Facilities
  • System Start-Up/Commissioning
  • Manage Punch Lists & Customer Acceptance
  • Creation of Operations & Service Manuals
  • Customer Training
  • Warranty and Service Support

The integration of DACS personnel into your engineering team will be seamless and it will appear to your customers that we are merely an extension to your engineering department. We are experienced enough to know that if we make our customer successful then we will be successful!

Design, Debug & Installation

Controls system integration is our core business. We specialize in new system design, old system retrofits and system upgrades. Our integration capabilities include:

  • Hardware Design
  • Pneumatic & Fluid Power Design
  • Software Design
  • System Start-Up/Debug (Commissioning)
  • Installation Supervision (at both “Your” and your “End User’s” facility)

Hardware, Pneumatic & Fluid Power Design:

The DACS goal is to provide you with safe and value added designs that meet all required specifications, are completed on time and are accurate. All of our latest designs are developed in either AutoCAD or E-Plan but we can also adapt to our customer needs if they have another preference. We always design to the appropriate safety category to match the application and incorporate Light Screens, Safety Mats, Scanners, Operator Stations, and Gate Switches/Locks as required to provide a completely safe system. Our designs utilize the latest technology in terms of distributed control, communications and I/O bus systems i.e. Profibus, DeviceNet, Interbus-S, ASI, Ethernet etc. We also have the capability to design and produce the Safety lockout placards if needed.

As a part of our system Retrofits and Upgrades we always plan on including a system/machine field survey including a cross reference of the drawings to the software. In this way we ensure that we have design accuracy, thus avoiding timely delays when it comes to system/machine start-up.

Software Design

DACS has a strong team of software developers. We can develop a program from scratch using our own standards, follow your guidelines/standards or modify existing programs to meet any new requirements. We are experienced in all of the main line PLC/HMI platforms and networks. We are also experienced in implementing SCADA and plant monitoring systems. All of our PLC programs are completely annotated, well structured and kept as uncomplicated as possible and have extensive fault monitoring routines. It is our intent to leave a system that can be easily maintained and fault diagnosis is simple for the end users maintenance staff.

System Start-Up/Debug and Installation

As a turnkey integrator of Control Systems we expect to follow-up our designs by sending the same personnel that wrote the software to your facility to perform the System Start-Up/Debug. This ensures that the design intent established during the development stage of the project is followed through to its completion. This also ensures that the system is started up in the minimum amount of time which we know is a critical requirement. DACS Commissioning Engineers are of the highest quality and always act professionally in the way they represent either DACS or our customers company.

We can assist at the installation phase of the project by either providing Field Engineering support or Installation Supervision. Our field personnel are well versed with both union and non union facilities and doing “What it Takes” to get a system installed to a time schedule.

Machine Vision

With the increase in reliability and the reduction in cost of Vision Systems they are becoming more and more prevalent in manufacturing environment. There uses include Part Feature Detection, Dimensional Inspection, 2D DataMatrix Reading and OCR (Optical Character Recognition). DACS Engineers are experienced with Vision System Integration in Robotic and Standalone applications.


DACS can also supplement your work force with experienced professionals on a contract basis. We understand your needs and will supply only resources that can efficiently complete your most important assignments. Short or long term needs can be accommodated.

Professional personnel available:

  • Project Managers
  • Project Engineers
  • Control Engineers
  • Detailers
  • Field Supervision
  • Startup and Service Personnel

Turnkey Solutions

Some of our customers require a Turnkey Solution i.e. a total solution from one source. This enables them to budget for the complete control solution cost at the start of a project and have only a single contract to manage. To fulfill this requirement DACS has teamed up with strategic partners that enable us to offer Machine Pipe & Wire and Electrical Installation that complete a turnkey control solution package.